About Style Sew Me


Welcome to Style Sew Me, where it’s all about taking control of your personal style through the art of sewing.


I’m Eryn, founder of Style Sew Me. I was born and raise in Alexandria, Louisiana and now live in the Dallas, TX area with my family.

Growing up, I didn’t have a good sense of my own personal style. I spent far too much type copying a little this and that from other women. I spent a lot of time and money cultivating someone else’s style.


I began sewing during my pregnancy in 2013. I’d gained almost 80 lbs over the pregnancy and refused to wear maternity clothes that didn’t fit my style. I’d picked up sewing with the intention of making a few simple maxi dresses to get me through. But, I ended up falling in love with sewing.

I’m a problem-solver at heart. I love getting in the weeds, and making something out of nothing. In that way, sewing is perfect.


I began the Style Sew Me blog in 2014 and haven’t looked back! I love to engage with the sewing community, contribute with tutorials and tips, and help women take control of their personal style through sewing.

The first two years of my sewing journey was spent in the same cycle of making what I loved on someone else. I had improved my skills, but I hadn’t learned my style, yet. I didn’t become aware of these mistakes until I realized that I’d donated all of my sewn looks and had very little show for my sewing journey.

Thankfully, around 2017, I began to really get in touch with my style. I love versatile pieces that can be mixed and matched through my wardrobe.

I’m a fan of updated classic silhouettes, loose fit, and solid fabrics with texture, flow, and drape.

Style Sew Me eventually grew from my product reviews, to YouTube tutorials, then evolved into my own sewing pattern collection.


While I loved seeing other makers’ pieces from other patterns, I didn’t feel like my style was captured well in what was already out there.

A reflection of my vision of a versatile, comfortable, and stylish wardrobe took form in my Style Sew Me pattern collection, where I aim to provide patterns that are straight forward, versatile, and flattering for all body types.


I’m so happy to welcome you in to the Style Sew Me community and invite you to get connected with me on my Newsletter, InstagramYouTube, and Pinterest.

Hugs and hip bumps,