Barrette Bralette by Madalynne Intimates

Can I do a little shout today?

I. Made. My. First. Bra.

Sewing lingerie has been on my to-do list, but I just never got around to it. I honestly didn’t think bra patterns could provide the support I needed. But, my real pause came from the idea of shopping for at least two different fabrics, plus elastics, plus hardware and the thought made my head hurt. I was not about to be running around doing all of this supply shopping just for one bra. Call me lazy.

But Madalynne Intimates Barrett Bra was a pleasant surprise on all fronts!

First, the Barrett Bra pattern is free. Score!

Second, she has lingerie kits that come with literally everything you need to make a bra shipped straight to my door. For easier pickings, the kits are clearly labeled so you know which kits goes with what bra.

There is enough elastic and hardware in the fabric kit to make one bra, but there is enough fabric and lining to make three bras! I cut the largest size in the Barrett Bralette and could have easily cut three, possibly even four bras.

I used the Blush Pink with Rhinestone Ring kit. That fabric is GORGEOUS! The lining was so supple and it feels really nice while wearing it. The outer bra fabric has glitter on it, so I had glitter all over me while sewing. But, when I finished, the glitter didn’t get on my clothes when I actually wore it.

The rhinestone ring sliders were so beautiful and really made the color pop.

The instructions have photos and are written conversationally and were so thorough, that a complete newbie like me made my first bra a success.

As far as styling goes, I’m a fuddy-duddy and don’t ever want my bra straps to show. So, intentionally making my bra show was very funny to me!

As my husband was taking pictures, he said, “Your bra is showing.”Oh now, you tell me my bra is showing after all the other blog pics you took of me looking crazy!!

I digress….Mission “sew a bra” was a success!!

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  • wow, I am like hooked on you. I have been trying to sew my own clothes for years, but with so many mistakes I’ve given up so many times. I finally made a blouse that I actually wear( it’s very simple top) and I got my first compliment. so I’ve decided to keep going. I love your style and personality and all the great tips. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. you have a new subby 🙂

  • Did you have to alter the pattern? I’m a DD and would like to make this bra but just afraid that it may not fit correctly.

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