Behind the Pattern Names

I wanted to share something super special with you about the pattern collection I’ve created.

I speak about the patterns with such affection because the first four patterns from our pattern collection are named after real young ladies in my life.

Camryn, my first and most precious pattern, is named after my first-born baby girl.

Connie is named after my mother. She’s a lively lady and I suspect was a party-animal back in the 70s. So I thought the twirl of the skirt in this pattern would be a perfect reflection of her.

Janelle and Anitra are named after my two best friends, my rocks, my inspiration, and accountability girl friends.

Everything that is done with these patterns are out of pure passion and love for my family, friends, and the sewing community that brings me such joy and fullness.

While I may run out of names before I run out of designs, I wanted to share with you the fun facts behind the current collection of patterns.

2 replies on “Behind the Pattern Names”

  • Aweeee that’s so nice, thanks for the back story cause I was wondering. I am so excited for this venture ! Michelle (Thatblackchic)

  • Beautiful tribute! I love that the patterns reflect the special women in your life. I know makers of your patterns will completely embody their spirit!

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