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How to Plan Your Sewing Projects For Success

You’ve gushed over a sewing pattern and took the time to pair it with a stunning fabric. You plop down at your sewing machine with your audiobook, latest Netflix binge show, or a glass of wine and you sew it up. #excitedaf As you clip the loose threads from your last seam, it hits you. […]

How to Sew A Puffy Sleeve Pattern Hack Tutorial

I’m so excited to show you how to sew a puffy sleeve with our Erica pattern hack tutorial! Even small tweaks can breathe new life into a pattern that you already have, giving you a new look! Today’s post is a diy puffy sleeve video tutorial where we walk you through how to alter the […]

How to Use Bias Tape To Hem Madison Cardigan

Hi everyone, my name is Faith, and I am a Madison Cardigan addict! I have made this cardigan four times, and I do not plan on stopping. A few times that I have made this cardigan, I used bias tape to finish the edges of it, and today I am going to show you how […]

How to Shorten A Sewing Pattern – Madison Cardigan

Hey there, Eryn here and I’m here to share with you an updated post on how to shorten a sewing pattern or lengthen! The most frequently asked question I’ve gotten is how to shorten the Madison cardigan sewing pattern. I admit, when I first launched this pattern a few years ago, I didn’t think that […]

How to Sew Lisa Pattern Pants View B

Hey there! I whipped up a pair of the Lisa sweatpants yesterday (View B) and wanted to take a moment to share some info about these pants! I’ve gotten a couple of questions about the difference in side seam of the front and back pieces of view B. Rest assured the pattern is correct! What […]

How to Find Your Personal Style and Love Your Look

You have a desire to have a cohesive personal style that makes you feel beautiful. Yet, when you look in your closet, you see random clothing you’ve been tolerating. You thought you were doing the “right” thing by buying what your favorite influencer or celebrity looked great in. Or shopping from your carefully crafted Pinterest […]

New Pattern: Misa Pant and Shorts with Belt

Hey there! I’ve been so excited to bring you a new pattern, the Misa PDF pattern. I’ve had my makes from this pattern for months and I can’t count how many times I’ve work the pants. This pattern is an easy pull up style that is super comfortable and flattering. They’re perfect for a mid-weight […]

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