DIY Ankara Short Suit – Simplicity 1167 + Girl Talk

Pattern: Simplicity 1167 | Fabric: AKN Fabrics | Shoes: Jessica Simpson Claudette Pump

I’ve been wanting to dabble in ankara fabrics for a while and finally scooted myself on over to AKN Fabrics to find the perfect fabric for Simplicity 1167. They have some gorgeous fabrics at a great price!

This fabric was super easy to cut and sew, which was great because this outfit had a bajillion pieces to cut. I pretty much cussed the entire time I cut out the pieces to the blazer.

The only fitting adjustments I had to make was to add a couple of inches to the sleeve and a crotch adjustment to the shorts.

I’ll be honest and let you  know that I was supposed to be wearing a black tee, but as I was heading out of the door to take photos, my sick toddler sneezed on me. #mommylife

Since I did not want to take away from such a beautiful fabric, I simply added my nude Jessica Simpson Claudette pumps. I have these pumps in three colors and plan to get more. I love.

Anywho, this pattern is one from Mimi G.’s collection and you can probably tell I’m all the way here for it. (Have you seen the preview of her next set of patterns?? *SQUEAL!*

I digress. This is about me. (lol)

Another moment of honesty. This was supposed to be the pants version, but I flubbed my crotch adjustment and my side seams of the pants got screw-y. So, I cut off the problem length and made them into shorts. Problem solved.

I am here for transparency because sewing is a learning process. It’s trial and error and growth. And it’s awesome to flub something, and still salvage it into something awesome! That’s why I sew!

We live in an “I woke up like this” type of world where we put on an air of perfectly coiffed hair, perfect makeup, and perfect clothes. That’s not reality and I don’t want to perpetuate perfection nor do I want you to feel that when you visit me here!

I love these pictures because while they are fabulous, they are full of imperfection and I STILL embrace it!

The wind was letting loose on my hair, just being a straight-up hater and this wasn’t my original outfit plan. But, I still rocked it! *snaps and twirls*

So, go into your day accepting your flaws and all and still be fabulous!

Photo cred: Angie Garcia Photography

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