DIY Box Pleated Skirt – Fun in Fuschia

Skirt available here | DIY Tutorial here | Fabric: Polyester Shantung (similar)

Have you ever lied to yourself? When it comes to the statement, “I don’t like pink”, I have clearly lied to myself.

I have professed my disdain for pink throughout my years, but have recently been finding myself gravitating towards it.

I’ve never been a girly-girl and as a self-professed lover of neutrals, pink was my nemesis. Was. I know happily welcome pink into the fold of my closet. Fuschia to be exact.

I purchased this fabric from Joann’s fabric and I loved it. First, I love polyester shantung, but this color is just so popping! I had to have it in a box pleated skirt. So, I made one!

I let my skirt shine and paired it with my linen button down (you thought it was denim, didn’t cha?), faux pearls, and nude pumps.

I had fun swinging it! Swoosh!

4 replies on “DIY Box Pleated Skirt – Fun in Fuschia”

  • Well, welcome to the pink club! I LOVE pink and I’m a girly girl, always have been. You look so cute in this look. The skirt is very playful and I love how you added to that in your photos. Great job!

  • Beautiful skirt! I was not a pink fan either, however I do have a ton of pink fabric that I need to cut into!!!

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