DIY Cardigan and Striped Skirt Work Outfit

What I’m WearingDIY Cardigan – Madison Pattern \ Blouse – Forever 21\ Skirt – Poshmark \ Shoes – Poshmark

Now that it’s fully fall outside, I’m still not ready to put away my summer pieces.

Today’s look is definitely unique in that I saved quite a bit of money! My cardigan is DIY (pattern available here), my blouse was $8 on clearance, my skirt and shoes were pre-loved and found on Poshmark. #winning

Normally, my blouse is not work-friendly because, but I made it so by layering my Madison cardigan.

I love to shop my closet and come up with new looks. I have gotten some serious mileage out of pieces as of late by doing so.

If you need help coming up with outfit ideas for the fall, you can grab my Fall Cardigan Style Book, available here.

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