DIY Colorblock Pencil Skirt: A Re-Fashion

Wow, I sort of miss being pregnant! I think I was about 6 months or so, here. This dress was one of my first projects and it is from Mimi G’s Off the Shoulder Dress tutorial. I was so proud of myself! The fabric is knitted from Joann’s. Well, thankfully, I couldn’t fit that dress anymore and didn’t want to be bothered altering that off-the-shoulder neckline, so I went with a quick brainless refashion. In less than an hour, I turned this dress into a pencil skirt. I simply measured from my waist to below my knee and added half an inch. I cut that amount from the dress. I tried it on inside out and pinned where I needed to take it in. I basted my new side seams and serged after confirming it fit. I cut a 3″ waistband and attached it to the top of the skirt. I should have interfaced with it, but I didn’t. Voila! I’ve got a “new” color-blocked pencil skirt! Do you have a dress that’s too big, but you love the fabric? Try this re-fashion!xo, EPS – I know, I know, I didn’t take pictures of the process. Bad, blogger! I’ll do better next time!

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