DIY Faux Wrap Dress – McCalls 7186

Pattern: McCall’s 7186 | Fabric: ITY Crinkle Knit

Hey! I hope that you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. I know I did!

I wanted to start the week off with another pattern review of McCall’s 7186.

I’ve had this pattern in my stash for a good while and am just now getting around the sewing it. Well, I actually finished it a week ago and if you’re following me on Instagram, you saw a sneak peek!


The fabric I used is a crinkle ITY from Michael Levine’s. I am not normally a fan of ITY knits, but this fabric is beautiful. This burnt orange color is sold out, but they have many other color options.  I’d purchase mine upwards to a year ago and it’s been in my stash waiting for the right garment.


This pattern clearly has a decent amount of gathering, but that’s what I love about it. This pattern was pretty clear on construction that I have no complaints. I added about 3 inches to the length of the skirt, an inch to the sleeve, and a couple of inches between the waist and hip of the front and back pieces. I did not like the hemming much with this one.  This is why I don’t like ITY knits. It’s a very telling fabric when your pieces don’t line up just so. There’s no easing it in and getting away with it in ITY knits. Well, I’ve been seeing a lot of dresses lately, or at least it feels that way. So, I’m going to start adding more variety and focus on styling on upcoming posts. I’ve really fallen into my personal style toward the latter half of this year and so I’m excited to be sharing more of that with you.I’ll see you on the next post!

7 replies on “DIY Faux Wrap Dress – McCalls 7186”

  • That is a very lovely dress on you Eryn. Love the color (and your photographer). I made both in long sleeves, the view with the ruche and the view without. My husband and I went out to eat. The waitress told me I looked sexy” and wanted to know where I “bought” my dress. I told her I made it myself and she immediately wanted me to “open a boutique.” Lovely pattern! Haven’t yet taken pictures in them though. Blessings

  • OMG! This is a GORGROUS dress! I love a great mock wrap dress…the color and fabric you selected for this one makes an awesome combination! Love the hair and shoes too!!!

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