DIY Halter Maxi Dress with High Split

Dress: DIY Tutorial HERE | Fabric: Ponte Knit (similar) | Clutch: H&M (similar) | Shoes: Steve Madden

ETA: This post has been updated to include a link to the tutorial for this dress. Click here for the tutorial.


This dress came to me off the top of my head and I decided to make it.

Most often, I don’t plan my projects out. Well, I do, but I rarely sew what I plan unless it’s a tutorial. Often times the inspiration hits me and ultimately depends on what fabric I have available.

I was getting ready to work on this project and I looked up and saw my camera. So, I just turned it on and pressed Record.



This is more of a Sew With Me type of thing. I just wanted to share with you my process, of sorts. I wanted to let you into my sewing studio when it’s pure chaos of cut fabric, tape measure sprawled across the floor, no makeup, and my hair sticking straight up because who cares.

Because, let’s face it. That’s what we all look like when we sew. Yes, you too. Matter of fact, I’m usually in my undies or less by the time I finish a project. Because I try on as I go and just don’t bother getting re-dressed. Okay, overshare.

This video is completely g-rated, though. I spared you the full monty. I sped this up to 4 minutes, but I completed this dress in one evening. I don’t know how long because I started and stopped a few times throughout the evening.

Anywho, I already know how I would do this dress differently, so if you’d like a tutorial on a better version, comment and let me know and I will add it to the list!

I didn’t forget about the wedding guest dress tutorial. Working on it!


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