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From L to R: Marrica of Flaunt Your Fro | Aquia of The Faux Fancy |Tanika of The Alwayz Fashionably Late | Melody of Blingaholic88 | Chaunie of Southern Fashion Doll | Moi.

My Outfit: DIY – McCalls 7443 | Fabric: Joann’s Fabrics Polyester Fabric (no name)

Where in the world has 2016 gone?  I love to live in the moment, celebrate life, and be thankful for every breath I have and every second I spend with my family. But, I could swear that 2016 flashed by way too fast.

One of the many wonderful things that have happened is being introduced to these ladies. We got together to create a holiday card full of melanin and fabulousness. Not only did we do that, but at the end of this shoot, we spent another couple of hours just having fun, talking, laughing, and just enjoying each other’s company. I think the only reason we finally left is because we were hungry!

I will admit, I’m not a traditional send-out-Christmas-cards type of gal. Matter of fact, you might not even get a Merry Christmas text from me. (And omg, please don’t send a group text!) So, to be able to experience a holiday card shoot, was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me.

Funny story, we had planned out completely different outfits. And all of us, being the girls that we are, changed our minds at the last minute. And this came together even better than planned!

I was so here for this unplanned color palette! Get into thiiiis!


My outfit:

My outfit is Nikki Davis-Revis (Beaute’ J’adore) McCall’s pattern that I’ve been dying to make. I’m not going to tell you how many times I went to Joann’s looking for this pattern! I finally had to break down an order it online.

I found this fabric in Joann’s Fabrics and all I can tell you is that it is polyester. The label says Famous Maker Peachskin 100% Polyester. I could not find it online to link to. But, I loved the color and it was very easy to cut and sew with. It was actually storming outside and I got pretty wet, but this fabric dried perfectly fine in about 20 minutes or so with very minimal wrinkling.

I love the creativity and uniqueness of this pattern. I was a bit nervous that my bust would be too large for this pattern. And in some angles, I did look 6 months pregnant! But, overall, I feel like I wear this design well. I loved Nikki’s version on the envelope with neutrals, so when I saw that fabric, I knew exactly what I’d use it for.

Well, it’s finally cooling off here, so it’s time to start layering (yay!).

I have some things cooking that I can’t wait to share, stay tuned!

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