DIY Men’s Shirt Refashion

Shirt: DIY | Shorts: Target | Shoes: Target | Sunnies: Target (similar)

Hey! I’m back from vacation and feeling refreshed, rested, and all of that great jazz.

Did you get into my new hair? Love. It’s my new favorite wig (of the moment) from True and Pure Textures Jasmine Coil, if you’re wondering.

I’m getting the itch to grow out my relaxer (for the third time!). If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you know to not get attached to any of my hairstyles. I change my hair on a whim. Hair is an accessory to be changed just like any other accessory. So, I definitely have fun with it!

Anywho, to the outfit.

I’ve been loving the men’s shirt refashions of late. I took mine one step further for this look.

I asked hubby to donate a shirt he didn’t want and got to cutting. This whole think took me about 30 minutes to do.

I cut off the top of the shirt, folded over an inch to create a casing for elastic. I did not need to remove any buttons on the shirt. I used 3/4 inch elastic and inserted it into the casing.

For the sleeves, I cut off 6 inches and repeated the same process. I folded up a casing and inserted the elastic and closed it up.

Voila. Magic.

There are plenty of tutorials online for this, but you know I love ya’ll. So, if you’d like a tutorial, let me know.

I styled with my favorite denim shorts, sunnies, and wedges all from Target.

These shoes though. So comfy and so cute. I could live in these. Target has really been my go to where I can black out shop for very stylish pieces that actually have great quality. I linked to the exact shoes because there is a Labor Day sale right now where you can grab them for about $20 online and in stores!

I’d planned on wearing this outfit on vacation, but never got around to it. Even though Hubs and I are #teamcarryon, I still tend to overpack my bag with outfits I never wear. But, hubby loved the refashion, so I’m sure I’ll have no problem getting him to donate for any future refashions!

Photo cred: Beckley & Co.

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