DIY Mimi G. Fall Dress

I whipped this DIY up last weekend from Mimi G.’s Fall Dress Tutorial. This DIY was pretty quick for me to make from my measurements.

There are so many options that can come from this tutorial that I’ll be making variations of. This dress can be dressed up or down and is work appropriate for me. The versatility from work to play is important to me when I’m choosing clothes to buy or make myself.

If you’re a DIYer and want to learn how to draft your patterns from your measurements, this tutorial is a good place to start. I have pretty much all of her tutorials and they’ve greatly helped me develop my sewing skills.

I’ll be making this dress again for the spring in a lighter color and with short sleeves. The tutorial comes with a pocket option, but shirt pockets aren’t very flattering for bigger busts (in my opinion), so I’ll skip that option. I would like a nice v-neck from this dress, though.

I used a black Ponte Fino knit from This fabric cuts and sews up very easily and doesn’t need a lining (yay!).

I picked my favorite (and only) red clutch and my BCBG Zebra pumps from DSW.

Yep, this will be next date night, ‘fit. Hubby likes it alot.

What I’d love to know is how many of you are DIYers or are interested in sewing or crafting, even if it’s not garment sewing!

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  • Hi Eryn,Love your tutorials and other information. I wanted you to know that no pictures displayed for the diy-mimi-g-fall-dress post.

    Hope you an fix that. I’d love to see the dress.Thanks!


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