DIY Mommy and Me Onesie with Simplicity 8520

Want to hear a long story about how my 4-year old completely blew my matching Mommy and Me onesie outfits using Simplicity 8520 to smithereens?

Me: *wearing onesie I just made* Hey baby, I’m making you one exactly like mine!
Mini Me: Yay, Mommy! Except I want red. And a dress.
Me: But…that’s not like mine. Mine is purple. And pants. See??!?!?!!?!? *queue rising panic*
Mini Me: Yeah! I want a red dress.
Me: *sulks back to sewing machine in utter defeat*

I’d been planning us running around the house in matching onesies since the spring.

She dashed my dreams in a 30 second conversation. Keep in mind, I don’t sew for anyone but myself. I might fix a button or a rip here or there for my family, but my sewing time is mine.

I hadn’t made her anything since she was an infant.

Any other day she’s trying to wear what I wear, and finding outfits to coordinate with mine. But NOOOOOOOO…she wanted her own thing!

Seriously, it’s totally fine and when I finished her outfit as requested (plus some bonus matching leggings!), I loved seeing her little face light up. She wanted to wear it all day and even to bed. I’m glad she loved it!

Because Simplicity 8520 came in Misses and Girl’s sizes, and my daughter is still in toddler sizes, I had to grade her pattern down a couple of sizes.

I posted a tutorial on YouTube yesterday to show you how to do that!

I’m pushing 40 and this is my first onesie. It’s sooo comfy, why didn’t you tell me! I was extremely tempted to run a quick errand in this. I asked my Instagram fam how they feel about wearing onesies out of the house.

While the response was half and half, I got some serious DMs about how wearing this particular loungewear onesie in public was absolutely unacceptable.

The hilarity that landed in my DMs was extremely entertaining!

Also, this is what it’s like taking pictures with a busy body 4-year old.

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