DIY Off the Shoulder Knit Loungewear – Lisa Pattern by Style Sew Me

DIY Set: Lisa Pattern here // Fabric: Ribbed Knit (similar)

My, my, my how I love this set! I envisioned this set from my Lisa Pattern to be a “Netflix and Chill” kind of vibe.

It’s that set you where when you want to feel beautiful without any effort. My husband loves this set and I’ve worn it for our at-home date nights. Those usually consist of looking up the worst movies we can find, pouring a drink, and cackling at the tv.

The absolutely yummy fabric was at my local Joann’s. The last time I visited, I saw it in the “Fall fabrics” section in the corner, so I expect they don’t plan on restocking it now that spring is upon us.

I really love the texture of this knit and I grabbed it in ivory and navy when I picked up this burgundy. So it is quite possible that you will see another set in another color!

This pattern includes a total of 3 outfits across 5 views. Shop the Lisa pattern here.

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  • Please help, Erin!!!!!!!I have a question. I’m cutting out my pieces, and there is a piece that doesn’t have a number on it, nor does it indicate what piece it is. It gives the sizes, and it has an A in the blue box; it also has the grainline indicator, and tape bottom of portion of this pattern piece here. However, I’m not sure if the A in the blue box indicates that it’s for the top. Will you advise me on what that is, or what it’s for? I also see the same thing for a piece that’s has a B, in the blue box. I’m sewing, using your pattern, for the first time.

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