Faux Leather and DIY Pants Burda 7195

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We are not going to talk about how I made these Burda 7195 pants a few months ago and completely forgot to post them. *face palm* I made them over the summer for this Diversity Shoot put on by my fav photographer, Angie Garcia.

I used a yummy cranberry crepe from Micheal Levine’s for the pants. It’s since sold out, but here are some similar colors.

I have since made these Burda 7195 pants in a floral print that I wore to Jamaica last month. It’s rare that I made a pattern twice, so I must like it. They’ll be on the blog soon.

For the Love of Diversity

Every year, Angie selects a beautifully diverse group of people in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to shoot. And I must say, we rocked the hell out of this shoot.

Most of us were meeting for the first time and everyone clicked so well! Since I knew Angie comes with the hot fire behind the lens, I had to make some pants that were going to shine.

Angie has shot many of my photos on Style Sew Me and she’s probably one of the most adorable people I’ve ever met. So when Angie calls, I show up.

Angie is Filipino and can identify with being in spaces where most people don’t look like her, especially in the Dallas/Fort Worth blogging community. She is an advocate for all-around diversity and I approve this message.

She called on a range of ages, ethnicities, sizes, and orientations included and we all rocked it.

I was born and raised in central Louisiana, pre-Katrina, and did not experience much more diversity that seeing black people and white people. When I joined the military and then moved to Texas as a young adult, imagine my shock when I saw the world was way more colorful than “black and white” (see what I did there?)

So, I was totally here for all of this and it was wonderful meeting, and staying connected with these colorful souls!

Here’s everyone who participated: (From L to R)

Angie Garcia (photographer not shown) / Angie Garcia Photo
Becca BA Beauty
Christian / Style Crave
Sam / Style of Sam
Aleja / A Little Aleja
Debi / @DressingDebi
Nate / @NateKatsuro

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