DIY Polka Dot Dress | My Fabric Designs Review

Dress: Connie Pattern | Fabric: My Fabric Designs

How adorable is this dress!!! I’m telling you, a strapless dress can look good on anyone when properly fitted. I customized by Connie Pattern to create this romantic look.But, can we talk about this fabric??When My Fabric Designs reached out to me, I already know what fabric I wanted. I’d be dying to have a big black and white polka dot fabric for-ever. I just couldn’t find it anywhere.So, I hopped on to to begin. They have three options for customizing your fabric that really allows you to make it your own. You can upload your own design, create your own design, or shop their curated collection.I chose to create my own. I added the polka dots to a polyester crepe jersey and very easily adjusted them to the size and spacing I wanted. Within 10 days, I had my custom print fabric at my door.Um….yaaas!I altered the circle skirt into a gathered skirt and added slits along the side seams. This dress is made for strutting!

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