DIY Striped Dress with Pockets // Simplicity 8451


Today’s look with Simplicity 8451 is a great example on creating your own look through the power of sewing.

When I first saw Simplicity 8451, I immediately thought that this look was too dressy for my real life. Yes, it was fly, but would I actually wear it? Highly unlikely. My life isn’t set up that way, lol. I can literally wear jeans every day of my life if I wanted to, even to church.

Also, I’m assuming Mimi G. shortened her dress because I didn’t lengthen mine and it was plenty long and I am much taller than she is. I still decided to grab the pattern, because never know. I initially planned on making the coat with a boucle I have in my stash. But, I decided to use up this gorgeous textured striped knit that I found a while back from Gorgeous Fabrics. I tried to link to similar, but was unable to find anything online. Just know that my fabric is a heavy-weight textured knit.

Going in to this project, I knew that I would be styling it casually. So, I cut my size from the waist up and blended out to the next size up from the waist down. Although this is a knit, I did not want a fitted look. This project was a super quick sew and was very easy to make.The only thing I changed, not really, is that I did a blind hem on the dress. And I did not hem my sleeves. This knit is sturdy and won’t fray.  I didn’t want any bulkiness or excessive stitch lines taking away from the stripes.

Most ladies swoon over pockets in a dress, but I don’t feel one way or the other about pockets, usually. The only time I might use my pockets is if I’m wearing jeans. Otherwise, I use a bag. But, this dress has huge pockets that would be perfect for storing my phone and ID when I need to make a quick run.

I styled it with my denim jacket (old) and rose H&M sneakers to top off my casual look.



P.S. – I’ve begun posting the inside of my pieces on my InstaStories on Instagram. Make sure you’re following me there so you don’t miss my projects when they come fresh off the machine!



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