How to Sew A Box Pleated Skirt With Pockets

Tutorial: here | Fabric: here

How To Sew A Pleated Skirt With Pockets Tutorial

You wanted it? You’ve got it!

Thank you for your support and sharing of my Box Pleated Skirt tutorial.

I’ve been requested many times to one-up that tutorial and make one to include pockets and an easier way to do the math to achieve side pockets. Because, who doesn’t want pockets?!

With this tutorial, you can create variations of many different pleat sizes and skirts length to really make this skirt your own! Who doesn’t like versatility?

As always, my method of teaching is clear, concise, and simple.

So, I’ve created a video tutorial walking you through step-by-step in creating a box pleated skirt with pockets.

I even walk step by step through the math with real numbers for a full visual of how to do the math.

You may purchase that tutorial here!

16 replies on “How to Sew A Box Pleated Skirt With Pockets”

  • Thank you so much..your site has inspired me to try sewing again…its been 10 plus years. Your tutorials are very clear and easy to follow.. thank you.

  • Simply adjust your first and last pleat size. It’s ok if they’re smaller because they’ll meet up at the center back.

  • Thank you for this great tutorial! And it’s nice to see you are living n Dallas. I’m in CA now, but I grew up in Dallas, and I really miss it. ( ;

  • Thanks for taking the time to make and share thus tut. Zipper insertions scares me, but I’m definitely going to make this!

  • Sis, thank you! You’ve taken the sting out of box pleats. I’m washing my fabric now and I’m actually excited and NOT fearful about getting started. You Rock!

  • Always leave the seam allowance at the end of the pleat. That’s where your zipper will go. I have tried sewing a zipper on” a pleat and it looks terrible. So leave yourself the seam allowance

  • Yes, that makes sense! The thing is, when I measure from pleat to pleat, it’s only half an inch big. But when I measure from the seam allowance next to the first pleat, it’s 2 inches bigger than it should be. I didn’t leave a seam allowance from the last pleat. I cut straight from the edge of the pleat. What do you think?(P.S. Thanks so much)

  • Hi Amal. If the adjustment is minor, say shaving off an inch or less, then I just make it on the last pleat. If It’s more than that, then I shave it off on the first and last pleat because those two pleats will be meeting at the back when sewn together. Make sense?

  • Great. Thank you! Another quick question. I folded all the pleats at about 4 inches each, but when I add the final one, it’s too big and if I remove one, it’s too small. So do I have to readjust the sizing of all the pleats? Or can I make the final pleat a little smaller than the rest?

  • Wow this is beautiful, you did a fantastic job, I have really been longing to do a box pleated African print skirt and you’ve made it possible. I’m just learning to sew, haven’t had any training what so ever but I have bought my own machine and I am sewing on my own and looking at youtube tutorials. I am now confident I can do one like this cause you have made your tutorial very simple and nice. thanks and keep up the good work, looking forward in seeing more of your tutorials.

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