How to Sew A Double Circle Skirt

Fabric: Stretch Denim (similar) | Bag: DIY | Top : H&M | Accessories: NY & Co. and DSW | Shoes: Steve Madden

How to Sew A Double Circle Skirt

First off, can my husband get a hand clap for the photos?? He did an amazing job! I had to cancel my photo shoot with my photographer at the last minute because something came up, and he came through! So, thank him in the comments that you ladies didn’t have to wait another two weeks for this tutorial!

And of course, your girl came through with some very elementary editing. *Hmm, lemme slide this thing right here and ratchet the color up a touch, okay that looks good. My feet look a little ashy. Whatevs, they won’t see it. Done.*


Ok, let’s get to it.

I’m going to be honest, I made the name double circle skirt up. I’m not 1000% sure that’s the correct technical name for it. I simply wanted to make it clear that everything is doubled in order to get this super flouncy and bouncy circle skirt.

So, in learning how to sew a circle skirt, I realized that the even the fullest circle was not flouncy enough for me. I’m guessing because of my hips and booty, it still just looked like an A-line skirt and that wasn’t the look I was going for.

So, I experimented with learning how to sew a double circle skirt and it worked out. So, now I’m sharing that tutorial with you so you can learn how to sew a double skirt and get your twirl on!

I’ve been wanting a super swingy circle skirt for the spring, and of course, I had to figure it out without driving myself crazy with the math. My fabric is a stretch denim I bought from Joann’s. If you can’t find it there, I’ve linked to similar. I styled it with my DIY Clutch I made last year, that I also did a tutorial on (here).

So, this tutorial is a NO MATH NEEDED Double Circle Skirt! Yaaaas!I found this cool calculator online (here)  that you will need to do this tutorial. In the tutorial, I show you how to modify your entry in the calculator to get the double circle skirt.Can I get another round of applause??? Admit it, ya’ll love me. I make it easy. No? Well, just humor me, okay girl?

Here’s the tutorial and more pics to follow! Of course, Baby Girl came out to play while we took photos and was all up and through my shot! So, I had to share the photobomb!

Circle Skirt Sewing Pattern

If you’re looking for a circle skirt pattern with less flounce (and less fabric), my Gia sewing pattern is a great option! Using a pattern vs drafting straight to fabric gives you a more long term and flexible option to create more circle skirt looks from!

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