DIY Tutorial: Stretch Pencil Skirt + Flat Elastic Waistband

Well hey!

Today, I’m bringing you a tutorial for a chic and simple stretch pencil skirt! The stretch pencil skirt brings a funny memory to me as it was my very first project when I started sewing. Let’s just say it ended up being an entire mess! So, I’m happy to create a tutorial for you for something that was once a struggle for me. This goes to show you that with practice and patience, you’ll tackle whatever you set your mind to! One spin I’m showing you on this skirt, is how to create that flat and chic look around the waistband. There’s no gathered casing look here! I despise that look as I prefer to have clean lines on really fitted pieces.



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  • Thanks so much for this incredibly clear tutorial! I haven’t tried the waist band yet, but I will…but if you have time to answer…I made this out of thin stretch denim (from my old plus sized stretch jeans) for my daughter. I needed two legs. I had a bit of a problem with it bunching up a bit at the hip…I tried making the curve gentler, but I still had the problem to some extent. Do you think I need even less of a curve? Again, thanks for the wonderful video!

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