Easy Box Pleated Skirt Tutorial – No Math Needed

Box Pleated Skirt Tutorial Box Pleated Skirt Tutorial

Sewing a box pleated skirt can be intimidating with the math involved to calculate how much fabric you’ll need. You have to know so many things to figure it out, such as if you’re going to have side seams, pockets, how wide the face of the pleat will be, and how many pleats you want.
It can be quite intimidating to do the math, if you’re not used to it.

But, I have a solution for an easy box pleated skirt! I filmed this while making one of my most recent favorites that I’ll be sharing later this week (stay tuned!)

In this video tutorial, I show you start to finish on how I do my box pleated skirts without all of the hullabaloo surrounding the math. It’s quite simple.

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  • Amazed once again Thank You” for patience to show step by step while in a timely matter your words are clear you sound like Sanae Lathan (spellcheck) looking at your vids ive noticed already how important *interfacing* is it gives the sturdy to material i think this is what my bowties were missing… Thank you very much

  • I am definitely looking forward to trying this method. I will take my time and not rush the process :-). Thank you for being so simplistic from a newbie point of view….I really understood what you were saying!!

  • Eryn, The fabric is GORGEOUS! Where do you get your wax prints? I want to make sure I’m getting authentic fabric, and haven’t found anywhere that I can confirm it’s authenticity.. I have some coming straight from Africa, but I’m not sure how long it will take.. Let me know! Love the video BTW

  • Great job sew sista Eryn! I loved it! Everything was clear and concise! Keep doing what you do!Hugs & Love

  • I mean my Monday had been made!!! You really just don’t know. So excited to follow your blog and continue improving my sewing skills. This video was EVERYTHING that I had been working on. Most videos don’t break down the nuances of the step so you still miss it.

  • Hi Eryn,
    This is the third place I’m saying how hugely I luv this tutorial. Seriously, it’s better than many I’ve paid for. The best part is how you go slowly step by step and don’t leave anything out. For us newer sewists, not assuming we know or understand something is crucial. I applaud you!

    Question: what is the marking instrument you use? I haven’t found one I like & that one looks awesome.

    Thanks so much!

  • am happy to hear you say where to place the zipper stop not top bc I always have to add a hook & eye to close that gap at top of waistband Thank you again for this easy to follow tutorial