How To Sew A Pleated Skirt Tutorial – No Math Needed

Box Pleated Skirt Tutorial

Sewing a box pleated skirt can be intimidating with the math involved to calculate how much fabric you’ll need. You have to know so many things to figure it out, such as if you’re going to have side seams, pockets, how wide the face of the pleat will be, and how many pleats you want.It can be quite intimidating to do the math, if you’re not used to it.

But, I have a solution for an easy box pleated skirt! I filmed this while making one of my most recent favorites that I’ll be sharing later this week (stay tuned!)

In this video tutorial, I show you start to finish on how I do my box pleated skirts without all of the hullabaloo surrounding the math. It’s quite simple.

Check out the tutorial and please subscribe to my YouTube channel!


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