New Pattern Collab – Erica Bunker for Style Sew Me Patterns

DIY Dress: Erica Pattern // Fabric: Double Knit from Joann’s

I’m so excited about my newest collaboration – the Erica pattern!

This pattern is the first collaboration with another designer and it just came together so smoothly that I couldn’t have asked for a better situation!

This beautiful design is the from the creative brain and sewing powerhouse, Erica Bunker.

Erica and I have been sewing buds for quite some time and she has supported my pattern business from day 1 and we have supported each other’s blogging efforts even before that. We have shared many a cackle about sewing and life via DMs and I’d like to think we are cut from similar cloth.

So, when Erica began thinking about creating her own pattern line, I was happy to be a resource! (That is the power of relationship!) When she was finally ready to press “go” on her pattern debut, I thought it’d be a great idea to collaborate on her first design.

Starting a business venture can be excruciatingly expensive, especially when it’s a new industry. So many costly mistakes can be made when you don’t know what you don’t know! With that being said, I brought to the table a proven system and team of launching sewing patterns. Erica brought to the table, style and sewing expertise. It was a match made in fabric heaven!

In the spirit of collaboration, Erica did an interview with the Sew Organized Style Podcast where I came on for a portion of it and talked about how our collaboration was born and what it was like working together! I thought it was so fitting to talk about a collaboration on a podcast born from collaboration! I feel like some our collective sewing sisters power just multiplied (wow, corny much Eryn?) Take a listen here.

Back to THIS. DRESS.

If you follow Erica, you know she’s an expert sewer who is all about stylish details and expert craftsmanship. She puts the extra spice in classic pieces that make them what I refer to as “wearable glam”.

The Erica dress pattern is a pullover dress with a dramatic (but, bra-friendly) opened at the back. The side seam splits are high enough to be noticed, and low enough to keep your business, your business.

Since I don’t have one single solitary white dress in my closet, I thought it was time to change that. My knit is a simple double knit from Joann’s. It’s nothing special, but it doesn’t take much for this design to work!

Purchase your Erica Pattern here!

Photo cred: Marrica Evans


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  • Absolutely stunning! If this is your first I can’t wait to see future designs. Is there a zipper in the sideseam or just the closure at the back neck. Such a simple looking design. Knowing what to leave out is an art in itself.

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