Fit: Make the Perfect Fitting Adjustments

The “f-word”: Fit

The final fit of the clothes you make can literally make or break your project.Can you imagine spending hours sewing using flawless techniques to create a quality that would last years only to find that when you put the clothes on, they have you looking like this:Geez, I remember this feeling as clear as day. Not to long ago, I even shared my bag of trashed scraps and projects gone wrong because of poor fit and construction.So, I get it.The thing with fit is that it is individual to your body (or your clients). But, the great news is that there are practices that you can use over and over again in each item you make that can help you achieve a fantastic fit to your clothes.What’s even better is that these techniques do not take much time at all.And even more betterer (hehe) is that the better your pieces fit, the longer you will wear them and the better you will look and feel when you wear them.The first thing you should remember is that fitting is normally not a one-step and you’re done type of task. Yes, sometimes this is the case, especially with more forgiving knit fabrics. But, especially when sewing with woven fabrics, you want to get the fit right.I’ve shared my favorite Craftsy classes before, but since we are specifically talking fit, I am going to talk specifically the fitting classes I have purchased and love.My first recommendation to anyone struggling with fitting is the Fast Track Fitting and Fast Track Fitting: In the Details. These are the part 1 and part 2, respectively, on developing fitting practices to your sewing. These classes cover fitting techniques that apply to bodices, sleeves, armholes, skirts, dresses, and pants.I love these classes because I use these techniques every single time I sew from a pattern. It has drastically reduced the amount of fabric and money that I waste because I’m not happy with the way my clothes fit.These techniques have also incredibly reduced the time I spend in sewing a toile (practice garment out of cheap fabric) that is never meant to wear. Just the thought of sewing something knowing that I’m not going to wear it makes me itch. Now that’s not to say that you will never have to make a toile. But, you greatly reduce the need to do so.The techniques I learned in this class are to make flat pattern adjustments. This means you would measure key points in your pattern pieces and compare them to your own measurements. You would then make adjustments (add or subract length or width) to the pattern pieces at the necessary spots. All of this is done before you ever cut a thread of fabric.So, I’d recommend you start with Fast Track Fitting and then move on to Fast Track Fitting: In the Details to learn even more. Since Craftsy is always having a sale, grab both of them and check them out. Craftsy has a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a generous 30 day return policy if you don’t feel the class is the “perfect fit” for you. Pun intended.

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