French Toast With Berry Topping | Vegan-Friendly

Food?! What?!

So, getting into the “Me” of Style Sew Me, I’m sharing with you my journey (of sorts) of eating less animal products. I will save how this came about for another post.

I’ve been falling in love with Love & Lemons, where I got this recipe for vegan-friendly french toast. I tweaked it a bit and added my own sweet flair with the fruit and I’m showing you how that goes down in my kitchen today.

Here’s the original recipe for the toast by Love and Lemons.

Here’s my berry topping recipe:

1 small bag of frozen mixed berries
1 TBS Lemon Juice (or other citric juice)
1 TBS Coconut sugar (or light brown sugar)

And here’s the video!

Please let me know in the comments if you’d like for me to continue sharing more posts like this! Of course, you know I will still be all about that DIY life, so don’t worry about that!

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