Holiday Fall/Winter Fabric Inspiration for the Anna Dress Pattern

We are SEW excited to introduce the Anna dress!

Anna Style Sew Me Dress with pockets sewing pattern

We have so many visions of how amazing it will look in different fabrics and styles.

This dress is simple to create and easy to wear for any occasion. We are specifically ready for those holiday outfits even if the occasion is at home or via Zoom or FaceTime.

I have put together fabrics from our fabric partners (#shopsmallbusinesses) for this holiday season to give you some inspiration and creativity fuel to sew our Anna dress in! Always remember to let your own style shine through your creation!

Note: At the time of this post, the fabric I’m recommending were in stock. If you read this after they’ve gone out of stock, you can still use this post as a guide for your fabric shopping!

The color of the year is this Classic Blue: 

This color is absolutely gorgeous. We LOVE our velvets so we found the perfect combo of velvet and the color of the year with this rayon velvet.

Blue Velvety Smooth Fabric

Blackbird Fabrics Link to Fabric

This smooth and drapery fabric would drape well for the Anna dress. It has a wintery texture that almost looks like colored snow. 

I love this color for a Christmas outfit because it isn’t the usual red or green color. You blue-eyed ladies would look lovely in this fabric. Or if you have a cool or peach undertone in your skin, this would be perfect!

Black Textured Fabric

Where are my LBD girls out there? I love a classy LBD but with something that screams “ME!” With this patterned black linen, you can do just that!

Blackbird Fabrics Link to Fabric

This is giving me anthropology vibes with the unique texture. 

I love how the pattern isn’t too bold and has a slight fade so it would still make the Anna dress look simple yet stylish. 

I love this pattern, texture, and drape so much I have to add the OTHER color it comes in… 

Rusk Textured Fabric

Blackbird Fabrics Link to Fabric

EK! One of my all time favorite colors is rust. Which is a possible 2021 spring/summer color but I wear it year round 🤪 

This, in the Anna dress, would be stunning for a Thanksgiving/fall look. Plus, the Anna dress has ties so if you’re feeling a little stuffed, just loosen those ties, girlfriend! 

Here at Syle Sew Me, we love our neutrals so this is the perfect addition to your neutral wardrobe.

Printed Neutral Fabric

Another neutral yet semi-bold pattern is this modern shaped linen.

Blackbird Fabrics Link to Fabric

“Woaahh” was the first thing I said when I saw this pattern. It has such a flow and ease to it that would add such a unique vibe to any fall outfit. 

Since the Anna dress has a v-neck and pointed skirt I think this would be a perfect balance of sharp and smooth shapes, creating a look that is pleasing to the eye.  

AH, I could just see this in the Anna dress with some tall brown boots!

Nature Color Print Fabric

Blackbird Fabrics Link to Fabric

This warm pattern reminds me of Thanksgiving surrounded by warm colored leafs on the ground with warm hugs and food filling the atmosphere. 

The unique puckered texture creates such a tasteful styling choice for the Anna dress. 

The sweet and soft pattern is great for any sewing project because the leafy pattern won’t ever become “too much” because of the warm neutrals and dainty details. It all just blends so perfectly together.

What’s Your Vision

Now that I’ve shared some fabric inspiration, what was your favorite? If you have a different vision for this pattern, please share in the comments so others can be inspired!


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