How I Organize My Sewing Patterns

I get great joy in shopping and organizing my sewing patterns. I keep my sewing patterns organized similar to how they’re shopped in the store. Take a peek and let me know how you organize your sewing patterns.

Make sure to comment below and let me know how you organize your sewing patterns. I’m all ears for new ideas!

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6 replies on “How I Organize My Sewing Patterns”

  • Hi, Kayla! Girl, those diaper boxes are plentiful and very functional! I hadn’t taken the time to decorate mine, although I could! Is the contact paper self sticking or did you need to hot glue it on the box? Mine are in the closet, too!Welcome back to sewing and I encourage you to take some time for you! When I had my daughter, I was exhausted (you know how it is!). But, just like you, as she got a bit older and started sleeping through the night, I was able to sneak in some sewing time and it was wonderful for me to take that time and relax.

    Thank you for visiting and commenting and I look forward to talking” with you again!

  • I am a new follower of your blog and I enjoy reading your posts. I am self-taught but took a break from sewing when I got pregnant with our second son. Now that he is a little bit older I have more free time to get back to sewing and seeing all of your looks is giving me that inspiration. As far as pattern storage I also reuse the diaper boxes that I have and cover them in decorative contact paper that I found at the Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot. When I had my sewing room I put the boxes on a shelf but now they are tucked away in my closet until we get a bigger home.Again, I love your blog!! Hugs from a fellow Texan 🙂

  • Have fun creating your creative space! I’m glad this was helpful for you and thank you for stopping by, Angie!

  • Hey, Angie! I can’t say about getting fancy boxes, I store mine in plastic bins and envelopes I bought from Costco. I even have a set in an empty Pampers box since we are running through diapers around here like crazy! As my collection grows, I’ll continue to use diaper boxes! Ain’t nobody got time for fancy, expensive shenanigans!My patterns are stored in a closet so I don’t need them to be aesthetically pleasing. I just need the patterns themselves to be properly organized and labeled.

    I’m not sure if it helped, but I say don’t overthink it. Do what works and get to the fun part..sewing!

  • I used to store mine in 1/2 sized banker boxes, purchased at Office Depot.They were the perfect size for my patterns.I had each box labeled with the type of patterns that was in them and numbered from 1- 12.I had an excel spreadsheet with company, pattern type, size and box number.

    Then I purchased a dresser from Ikea to store my patterns in, but the drawers collapsed. I had to take them all out.I don’t know what to do now, I am not sure if I should repurchase the boxes or what. Help.

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