How to Alter Pants Tutorial – Fix A Saggy Crotch

The thought of learning how to alter pants can feel overwhelming and daunting. Pants can be the most involved piece of garment to alter just because our bodies vary so much and it can take multiple points to get the right fit.

I can assure you, with a little practice, you can even find yourself looking forward to sewing patterns for pants and jeans!

If you’re looking for a quick and dirty way to learn how to fix saggy pants, I’ve got you.

Disclaimer: If you are a professional, tailor, or otherwise nit picky about technique. Do not watch this video. 

I am using a quick and dirty method to teach people how to alter pants without a lot of fuss. I made this tutorial specifically for those who want to fix their pants and keep it moving. There is not one lick of professional technique to be seen here, lol!

But, your booty will look nice and perky with a better fitting pair of pants!

One mo’ gin for the people in the back: see bolded print above.

Alright! Now that housekeeping is out of the way. Let’s learn how to alter pants and fix that unsightly saggy crotch!

Enjoy the video!

Author: Style Sew Me

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