How To Grade a Pattern To Your Size

Tutorial: How To Grade A Sewing Pattern Smaller or Larger

This past weekend, I made something for my daughter using a pattern that was too large for her.

I had to grade the pattern pieces that I used down a couple of sizes to fit her.

So, the great news is that I made a tutorial on how to grade a sewing pattern!

It’s a skill I learned at a local event called Project Sew, hosted by That’s Sew Monica. I’ve been guilty of grabbing a pattern that wasn’t my size only because it was the last pattern. But, I never got around to sewing it up because I thought I’d have to make a bajillion fit adjustments.

Well, a lovely lady named Mia (@lesfleurstyle) showed all of us how to do it and I felt my sewing super powers activate! lol

So, I’ve put the technique to use on several projects and am sharing this tutorial on grading a sewing pattern with you here.




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