How to Start A Sewing Business

How to start a sewing seamstress business

I know a lot of sewers who have taken their passion and hobby and started a sewing business. But, there are still quite a few who want to take the leap and start a sewing business, but may be hesitant for whatever reason.

I created this video for those of you who would like some actionable tips on starting a sewing business. These are all things I’ve learned, mostly from trial and error, that I am more than happy to share!

Actually, this video is not necessarily for just sewers, many of these tips can apply to hobbyists turned businesses across many industries!

Thanks for watching the video and comment below with questions. And if you are already in business, please share your experience!

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Author: Style Sew Me

Eryn is the creator of Style Sew Me, a DIY fashion blog that teaches women how to take control of her personal style by sewing a stylish and affordable wardrobe.

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