How to Use Bias Tape On An Armhole

In yesterday’s post, I showed you how to prepare your bias tape using a bias tape maker. Today, I’m showing you how to use bias tape on an armhole on the Lolo blouse.

If you haven’t’ checked out the post from yesterday, I shared why preparing the bias tape properly is really key to having the best result in your project. It makes sewing in the bias tape go much more smoothly.

So, let’s get to the tutorial!

  1. Prepare your tape. If you’d like a tutorial, I’ve got you covered here.
  2. Right sides together, sew the ends of your tape to use bias tape
  3. Open one edge of your bias tape. Right sides together, pin one to the armhole, matching the tape seam to the side to use bias tape how to use bias tape
  4. Stitch tape in place into the fold of the tape that you to use bias tape
  5. Fold the tape to the inside of the armhole. Tuck the other folded edge of the tape and pin to secure. Carefully press in place, taking care not to iron your pin to use bias tape
  6. Topstitch the tape in place about 1/8 inch away from the folded edge of the tape. If you’re not comfortable topstitching, you can stitch from the wrong side of the garment. This is where the tape preparation is key. If the tape is folded consistently throughout, you can stitch from the inside and the stitching from the outside of the garment will be nice and neat. When finished stitching, give it a good press to get rid of any to use bias tapehow to use bias tape
  7. That’s it! Just repeat those quick steps on the remaining armhole and you’re done!Style Sew Me Lolo Blouse Pattern REview

I hope that helps make this take less intimidating because it really is the best way to create armholes and necklines that will last. This technique will make your garments look much neater, professionally sewn, and add years to the life of your piece!

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