How to Widen a Sewing Pattern

Hey, everyone!

So many times I see people stress about buying the right sewing pattern. But, sometimes, a pattern is not available in our size, or in my case, I fell in between two different sizes that spread across different envelopes. Bah!

Yes, buying the pattern closest to your size is ideal. But, sometimes, you can’t. Truth is, you’ll likely need to make fitting adjustments to your sewing pattern to give yourself the perfect fit anyway, so it’s truly not that huge of a deal.

In today’s tutorial, I’m showing you a very basic way to widen a sewing pattern to your size. Will this be your only adjustment? Probably not, but this at least opens your eyes to show you that you can make a pattern, no matter the printed size, customized for you!

Don’t be afraid of fit. After all, it’s the whole reason you sew!


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