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It has been months since I have bought a pattern from the store. I really have a massive collection of patterns that I could choose from. And, the bulk of my sewing time is spent on the Style Sew Me Pattern Collection. So, there has been little time to make other patterns.

Recently, I had some time to grab a pattern and sew. But, as I flipped through my binder of patterns, nothing really stood out to me. Yikes!

I’d bought most of those patterns up to 5 years ago and since then, my personal style has definitely take shape. At that moment, I did not feel like exercising the brain power to hack up a pattern.

Sometimes, you just want to whip out a pattern, sew it up with little thought, and call it a win!

So, I decided that it was time for me to refresh my patterns.

So, here’s a video of the patterns I picked up during the month of August, why I chose them, and what I plan to do with them.


Patterns Mentioned:

Closet Case Patterns Sasha Trouser
Closet Case Patterns Fiore Skirt
Papercut Patterns Ravine Dress
Papercut Patterns Sappora Coat
Papercut Patterns Palisade Pant
True Bias Ogden Cami
True Bias Lander Pant
True Bias Hudson Pant
True Bias Calvin Wrap Dress
Style Sew Me Patterns:
Print Your PDF Patterns with:Patternsy (Worldwide Shipping):
PDF Plotting (US -based):

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