Introducing Launch Grow Sell + Updates

Whew, I’ve been jam packed with so much stuff behind-the-scenes for the past few months! Where to begin?

New Features

This year has had some really big wins for me! I was featured in the April/May issue of Sew News, September/October Denim issue of SEWN Magazine, and Voyage Dallas Magazine. It’s because of your support, sharing, and engagement that Style Sew Me is expanding to new levels. Thank you is not enough, but I’ll start there.

New Brand – Launch Grow Sell

I’ve moved all of my business posts over to my new site, Launch Grow Sell. If you’re on my email newsletter, you may have seen the email I sent out a week ago sharing that those of you who have shown interest in my business content can now find it over on the new site.In order for me to better serve the sewing community through Style Sew Me and my new business-minded tribe on Launch Grow Sell, I had to separate the content. And it feels really good.A few months ago, I’d started the Launch Grow Sell Facebook group, then I launched my signature course, Love Your Launch, and then I knew it was time to create a new home. I have yet to decide if I will separate my business content on YouTube and Instagram (we’ll see). But, I did want to formally introduce you to the new brand.I’ve already put up three free trainings for different phases of your business journey, so head on over there and grab what’s best for you at your current stage!

New Style Sew Me Patterns Coming

Ya’ll, I have got some HOT FIRE Style Sew Me Patterns in the pipeline for the rest of the year. My newest pattern, will officially launch next week on September 18th and it’s probably my favorite pattern, so far. (Or until my next pattern drops – lol!)If you’re on my VIP newsletter (if not, join here), you’ve already got first dibs on ordering your copy! Keep coming back because more patterns will be releasing regularly for the rest of the year!

What’s Next

As I’ve really grown more comfortable in my personal style, I think that it’s really important to maximize the wear of pieces that I make. So, I will be sharing more of my styling of my pieces as opposed to just sharing them the one time on the blog. We spend a lot of time making and fitting our pieces, that it is great to make sure that we are making pieces that truly fit our lifestyle and style preferences. So, I want to begin being an inspiration on getting the most of what we make.Tomorrow, I’ll be posting a look that I made months ago and just completely forgot to share (yikes!). See you then!~E

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