Le Tote Olympia Dress OOTD

Le Tote - Olympia Dress
Boy, oh boy! Le Tote is rocking my world right now!

If you aren’t familiar with Le Tote, it’s a subscription service that sends you a combination of 5 items you’ve added to your “closet” for $49 a month. The website has so many clothes, bags, and accessories to choose from.

What makes Le Tote different from a monthly subscription box, is that the monthly fee is not just for one box. You can get as many as you can wear and return!


This is my third box from Le Tote and with each box, I fall harder and harder! I’ve shared a few pics on my Instagram of my previous boxes. I’ve only had it a month and this is my third box.

I wear my items as soon as possible, and send it back. As soon as it gets registered by the postal service, Le Tote begins processing your next box. They move quickly so you can maximize the benefits!



This is the Olympia Dress I got with my box. As soon as I slid this dress on, I was in love and couldn’t wait to take pictures.

The draped waist pleating is a nice touch to take a would-be basic dress to a higher level.



I love layering necklaces and this is actually one piece. And the bracelet below is another piece that came with the box. I’m not a huge fan of the bracelet, but that’s the beauty of Le Tote, you can send it back!


The fabric is great on the skin and the color is beautiful and versatile. You know I’m all about versatility!

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Enjoy the million pics I just had to share! And have a beautiful day!


P.S. – This post is not a sponsored post. I have a paid membership. If you choose to join through my link, you earn a $25 credit and I earn a $15 credit. It’s a win-win!






Le Tote - Olympia Dress

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