Mimi G Conference 2015

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Good morning!
I’m super tardy for the party and I’m pretty sure you don’t care anymore, but I am still high off of Mimi G’s 4th Annual conference in LA a few weeks back. It was soooo fun!

I had a blast and met some wonderfully, talented ladies. I got to geek out and talk sewing and fabric and all of that fun stuff. Women from all over the country came out to learn about sewing and style and celebrate Mimi G. for the fabulousness that she is.

image image

And yes, she’s just as fabulous in person.

(No, we didn’t plan that oufit! I just noticed that!)

Mimi is super sweet and her team is amazing to put together such a wonderful event for all of us. It had to have been a cute 250 people there.


We had some educational seminars on fitting by Deb from Simplicity (she’s adorable). I love fitting adjustments, and am constantly looking for other techniques in helping achieve fit. I’m utilizing one of her techniques with the project on my cutting table right now.

Oh, my hair was on some floppy foolishness all weekend, so just ignore it.

And we had a tailoring class by Gentleman Jim out of Atlanta. He was a hoot and I learned a TON from his class. Good stuff. No, GREAT stuff. I was running my mouth so much that I didn’t get a picture with him. Womp.


This doll right here is Tieko Nejon, branding extraordinaire. Fab.U.Luss. 🙂


This cutie is Taylor from Sew Sin City. Her DIYs are so fresh and stylish! Check her out.

image image

This lovely lady is Terelia and she won the fashion show. You can definitely see why! She actually created this stylish look with her grandmother’s fabric. Wow!


Tiffany from Frougie Fashionista was there and I’ve been following her for a while. She’s got some great DIYs, is hilarious, and just opened up her own store!


The first night was the fashion show, and here are a few of us in our looks (which is why we look so random). It’s Tiffany, Me, Danesha of Classyfied Style, Taylor, and Terelia.

OMG Danesha WERKED that runway, I wish I had video. Her walk needs to be on a fashion runway somewhere!


You know what…my hair was just…whatever. Anyway, our last day we took over Micheal Levine’s. You’re only seeing about a quarter of the store in this picture. I got a few things for myself, but Ididn’t go HAM. My fabric stash is already out of control, so I kept it cute.

image  image

Since I was not ready to spend a night away from my Suga Baby, I brought her and hubby along. It all worked out because they spent the day with his family while I was at the conference.

She was completely unbothered at breakfast.

Let me tell you, Miss Thing cut all the way up on our plane ride to and from the conference. *blank stare* We expected that because she’s just on constant turn up and expecting a one year old who just started walking to sit still for 3.5 hours was just not going to happen.

But, we made it.

Hubby and I did get to leave her with grandpa, grandma, aunties, and cousins so we could have a couple of date nights. And I got to spend time with him on Father’s Day and he spent time with his Dad who had both of his kids and his granddaughter there. It was a win-win-win!

I enjoyed the Cali weather and seeing family and attending the conference. It was a packed weekend, but I just wanted to share!

I’ve got a couple more tutorials coming up shortly. We will start to work on basic fitting techniques I use all of the time.

Stay tuned!

Let me know what you think of this post!