My First Live Sewing Foundation Workshop Recap

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dallas sewing classes little house on routhdallas sewing classes little house on routhdallas sewing classes little house on routh

Ya’ll! I had my very first live sewing workshop in Dallas this past Saturday and I am still floating! It literally could not have gone any more perfectly!Holding a local workshop has been a goal of mine for a while now. And I wasn’t going to let 2019 slide by without giving it a go. So, I set a date and got to work!It was really important for me to hold the workshop in a space that inspired creativity. I could have found any location willing to rent, but I am very much a believer of getting the whole vibe right. I didn’t want to sit in a large, stale hotel conference room. I wanted a cozy place with plants, tons of natural light, creative decor, and a centralized location in Dallas.That perfect place was Little House on Routh Lifestyle Studio.My workshop was focused on the foundation sewing skills. I wanted to teach people who have either never touched a sewing machine or it’s been years and they need a proper re-introduction.My students were ah-mazing. They were excited to learn, had great attitudes, great questions, and (most importantly) didn’t get frustrated with themselves as they learned. We laughed…a lot.They got exposure to different fabrics types and learned good techniques when cutting and sewing on these different fabrics.They also got introduced to their new best friend, the seam ripper!It was very inspiring to be around their energy and I was super honored to be a part of their sewing journey. We covered a lot during the workshop and I hope that they saw the possibilities that sewing can bring! No matter whether it’s creating their own fashions or diving head-first into Pinterest crafts, this journey is all about taking time for and spending time without ourselves to create something beautiful!Make sure to stay connected for more live and online workshops!So, cheers to our new fabric addicts Sew Sisters!

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