My New Favorite Summer Dress

I’m mad at ya’ll. I’m not speaking to ya’ll. Nope.

Why didn’t you tell me how fun consignment shopping is??

WHY am I just now finding out about this? *side eye*

I recently got an opportunity to shop Refinery Consignment Boutique in Dallas and to say that I lost my mind is a complete understatement.

But, today, I will be showing you new favorite dress. This is a linen dress is the epitome of my personal style. It’s lightweight, loose-fitting, neutral toned, with classic design features, versatile, a hemline for me to show off my mile-long legs, and $25. Yassss! I love the versatility because I’ve worn it twice already. Once as a dress and I have also worn it with stretch denim as a tunic. Both ways are very comfortable and stylish for me.

The boutique is tucked away in the Design District in Dallas and it’s truly a hidden gem. The boutique is packed with so many items for men and woman in a variety of price points. There were definitely many luxury brands available that I stalked while I shopped. I saw several pairs of Louboutin, Jimmy Choo, and Gucci shoes but they weren’t in my size.    T

he website does offer some items for sale, but they are only a fraction of what’s available in store. You can also follow Refinery Consignment on Instagram. If you see something you like, you can order over the phone and they ship!I shopped with some other local blogger beauties, so it was truly a girls shopping day with lots of fun. I even saw a black Chanel bag that I was drooling over, but did not purchase.

I picked up a few other items including a gorgeous romper, and Versace shades that I’ll be wearing on vacation pretty soon. And of course, this dress is going to be one of the first things I pack.

I’m not much of a brand name shopper, but I do indulge on occasion. Often times I don’t even consider luxury brands because the price point may be out of what I want to spend. But, I’m seeing now that consignment shopping is definitely a way to indulge with higher end brands without the price tag!Those of you who thrift/consign shop, let me know!

4 replies on “My New Favorite Summer Dress”

  • That’s great, Beth! I have heard that you have to find the right shop for your style. I’ve always thought of thrifting and consignment shopping as hopping from store to store to pick through things and I don’t have that kind of patience. I’m glad to have found this place because there were many items in there I wanted!

  • Hi!!!! I am definitely a thrifter. It is a great way to get brand name items at great prices. I am in the DFW area, so if you would like to team up to shop let me know. Thanks. I enjoy your blog sooooo much!

  • What an amazing find! The dress look fantastic on you and I’m sure it’s very cool thanks to the linen fabric. I’ve been to consignment shops a couple of times and have had decent luck. I recently found a great consignment boutique in my area and definitely plan to frequent it!

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