My Sewing Studio



My daughter has been fighting back to back to back ear infections and just feeling so bad so I haven’t gotten much sewing done in the past few weeks.

In the meantime, I wanted to give a tour of my sewing space!

I started out sewing on my living room floor, then moved to my dining room table, then to a small extra room we had. After a few months, I outgrew that room and took over an extra living room that we weren’t using very much.

I’ve recently gotten some new fixings from Ikea and have finally gotten my space set up! There are a few more decorations that I will be adding, but this is it for the most part!


This is my sewing corner that’s right next to three big windows so I get lots of gorgeous natural light. I have my thread and bobbin racks within reach.

My machines are a Brother CS6000i and a Brother 1034D Serger. My thread racks are from Joann’s. My table is just a white folding table from Sam’s Club. My lamp is an old purchase from Home Goods. The art is from


My new cutting table is the Tarva 6 drawer dresser from Ikea. I bought two of them and put them back to back. I have 12 drawers of space. I searched for MONTHS to find another option because I did not want to put two freaking dressers together.

My problem is that I needed something at least 36″ tall because my back hurts when I’m constantly bending over a too low cutting space. This was the only thing I could find with the price that I wanted to pay.

My cutting mat is a custom self-healing mat from Cutting Mats. My mirror is an old purchase from Target, I think. I don’t recall where I got my chair from at my sewing table.


Ah, my favorite corner of my room is my fabric corner.ย Again, after searching for months, Ikea was the best option for a bookcase for the amount of space I get for the price and quality. I have another Billy bookcase in my closet for my shoes.

I have two dress forms, one is more decorative and that’s the my dress is on. I always have my favorite project of the moment on it. My adjustable dressย form is…meh. I haven’t padded it out to my body so it’s pretty useless to me right now. When I pad it out, then I’ll be using it more for draping.



This side of the room is my work area, TV, and ironing station…clearly. ๐Ÿ™‚


I am usually watching Netflix, YouTube, or Amazon prime on this TV when I’m working. Right now, I’m binging on The Walking Dead. I’m almost caught up on Season 6. No spoilers, please!!



This is my working area that I love. Yes, my desk is that clean! I can’t stand physical clutter. I can’t think as clearly when my area is full of distractions. The desk is from Ikea. It used to be my cutting table, and I’m so glad I can claim it back as a desk!

Camryn says, “Hey!”

So, that’s pretty much it! I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour! I hope to get back to sewing this week, now that my Suga Baby is feeling better.

See you soon!


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