My Sewrority Wear Initiation Box

I did not have a traditional college education in the sense of it being a straight-through 4-year experience full of parties, organizational involvement, and group study sessions.

My path to my BS in Psychology was, instead, a rollercoaster ride that spanned across 10 years.

When I finally landed at a “traditional” university, the first thing I planned on doing was to try to pledge. But, about 2 months in to the semester, I got orders to deploy to Iraq.

I ended up spending the next three years living in Iraq, so I finished my undergrad overseas. But, cheers to graduating with zero student loans! (Thanks, Army!)

So because I never had the pleasure of the Greek journey, I thought the introduction to a sewing “sewrority” was a truly unique idea.

Sewrority Wear is a novelty sewing apparel and paraphernalia company that focuses on creating products that cater to the sewing community.

Sewrority Wear Founders

The brand launched recently and offered an Initiation Box full of goodies which I quickly ordered. I don’t know about you, but I love getting goodies in a surprise box! If you offer a curated box, I’m grabbing it. Know this, lol. I’m a lazy shopper and proud of it. Just give me the best of what you got in one box, and I’m a happy gal.

In true, Eryn-you-are-doing-the-absolute-most fashion, my box sat unopened in my office for a couple of weeks. This was only because (again), I love boxes, and I wanted to give it my undivided attention.

So…here it is! Here are some snaps from my box. They don’t capture my oohs and aahs, but I did also post a video on Instagram about the box.

*Queue oohs and aahs* Packaging on point!

This tumbler right here…QUALITY!

It also included a medley of stickers, magnets, and a patch!

It’s official!

And the grand finale is a large bag fit for fabric with a full zipper closure!

You can grab a box here, or if a box isn’t your jam, they have individual items for purchase on the shop. I’ve been eyeballing these mugs, also another obsession of mine!

What was your favorite item?

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