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When it comes to my DIYs, they are primarily meant for after work and weekend wear. I do wear some pieces to work and style them appropriately, but for some reason, I don’t invest a lot of my time into making clothing for work.The result is a closet full of weeknight and weekend wear and very little to wear to work. This also results in me going to work looking a little dusty more often than not. But, after work and come Saturday, I’m fly as hell!My 9-5 is business casual. There is one particular article of clothing that I found I was lacking especially when the cold crept around…pants.Enter The Trunk Club and my stylist, Tamra Byrd.I will tell you that the day I went for my services I was looking particularly, extra, and especially dusty so there are no pictures. Sorry, not sorry! But, I’m actually glad I didn’t bring my camera, because I was truly able to be present with Tamra and focus on my services. I hadn’t even decided I was going to blog on it at the time I went. I was purely there as a client.I have the pleasure of knowing Tamra personally, but this was my first time working with her in her element of personal styling. When I tell you that she OVER-DELIVERED…chile! Even though my debit card was still smoking, I was so excited with her pulls for me that I could not wait to wear them. That’s when I knew I’d tell ya’ll about this.You may be thinking, “Eryn, you’re a style blogger, why in the world did you work with a personal stylist?”Good question. I have a mental block somewhere when it comes to work wear. Every thing that I like, leather jackets, ripped denim, boots, mid-thigh dresses, etc. cannot be worn at the office without some creative styling.I recognized there is a mental wall there and I was making empty purchases trying to bridge the gap myself. I really don’t like wasteful spending, especially with clothing, so I figured I’d call in an expert for direction.When I signed up at to Trunk Club (free to get started, by the way) Tamra sent a questionnaire that I had to fill out. Nothing scary, but it did make me think about my lifestyle and what my personal preferences are.By the time we met up, Tamra had pulled about 12 pieces for me across a variety of items (shoes, tops, jackets, pants, denim, etc).I will pause right here and say I was side-eyeing some of the pieces really hard at first glance. I would have never looked twice at some of them on the rack. But, I wasn’t there because I trusted my self to do this, so I listened (with mental side-eye).Luckily for me, I am a very decisive person. If I don’t love it, I don’t buy it. If I don’t like it and it makes me want to poke my eyes out, I’ll say so. Just so we’re clear.As I tried on my clothing in the combinations she’d chosen for me, I was most impressed by the thought put into the versatility of the pieces. These were not one-time wears. She showed me more than one way to wear each piece she pulled for me from 9-5 to happy hour.And what’s funny is that the pieces I just knew I would hate, I fell in love with. Seeing them on me and in the right combination, texture, color, and silhouette for my body shape was just everything for me. That’s what I had been missing, even in my sewing. A light went off for me to make even more conscious sewing decisions to really make sure my clothing, DIY or not, is getting the most mileage for me.I will definitely be using Trunk Club’s services again. If you find yourself making purchases (or DIYing) that don’t make you excited to wear, give them a try. They work with local and non-local clients. Click here to signup free!

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