My New Home Sew Studio Tour


Hey there! I’ve got a new space to sew!

Well, not that new. I’ve been in here almost a year, but just got around to sharing it.

My sewing space has hopped around my home a few times, and I’ve now landed in our formal living area that no one used.

I used to be upstairs in this space, but began to outgrow it. And I wanted something with better natural lighting.

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Moving downstairs also let me sew more after the little one goes to bed. I can buzz into the wee hours on my machines and not be concerned about waking her up. Also, it’s hardwood down here and my space upstairs was carpeted. Let’s not talk about how many pins I stepped on up there!Believe it or not, I spend most of my time at my desk. I’m here every single day, whereas the days I actually get to sew are far less often. My desk is from Ikea and is no longer on the site. Back when I first started my blog, this used to be my cutting table. I absolutely love this desk and never plan to get rid of it.

My fabrics and pattern inventory are to my left and right. I plan to replace that framed photo soon with a large mirror or maybe some fashion drawings.My bookcases are the Billy model from Ikea.

Fun fact: I’m a journal junkie! I grabbed this one at Essence Fest in New Orleans a few months ago. I often buy cute journals just to have. I use them daily and keep my old ones to reflect on where I was.

This is my sewing machine area – obvs! From left to right: Janome CPX 1000 coverstitch, Babylock Imagine serger, Babylock Tempo sewing machine, and Siruba DL7200 straight stitch industrial machine. Of all of these machines, I use my Babylock Imagine serger (middle) and my Siruba straight stitch (below) the most. The table they sit on is just a 6 foot folding table. I purchased the Babylock machines from my local dealer and the Janome here on Amazon. I freaking love this machine. I purchased this from a local dealer in Dallas and have been in love since the first stitch. I wish I’d have gotten one sooner.

My main storage is from the Tarva dressers from Ikea. They are two dressers placed back to back so that I have 6 drawers of storage on both sides. These bad boys are falling apart at the seams! LOL Hubby and I put them together, but they’ve been moved around so much that they’re on their last leg. Assembling anything is not my ministry, so I’m pretty sure the stuff I put together is what is falling apart the most!

I use the Karlby countertop from Ikea as my cutting surface. I got this idea from Mimi G on Instagram. I’ve been wanting a large cutting space, and this was perfect. The legs are a separate purchase. It’s high enough that there is about an inch between the top of the dresses. I believe it hits about 37 inches tall, which is about hip height for me.

This is my collection of books, electronics, journals, and test fabrics. Yep, my corner full of randomness!

And last, but definitely not least, my fabrics. I try to organize them from lightest to darkest fo easy pickings. I generally fold my fabrics like this. But, for now, they’re folded all which a ways just to make them fit. As I dwindle down this stash, I’ll fold them a bit more neatly.
I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my space! If you have any questions, ask away!


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