New Podcast Alert: Business S.H.E.T. by Mimi G.

mimigstyle business shet podcast review

Mimi G. has launched a podcast, and I’m for it!

Business S.H.E.T. is Mimi’s new podcast that just dropped TODAY and it’s going to be good!

You know that I love podcasts and audiobooks about business and personal development and this one is right up my alley.

Let me back up just in case you’ve been under a rock the past 5 years…Mimi G. Style is the Queen Bee of the sewing community (as far as I see it). She’s the reason I began sewing and saw new possibilities in where Style Sew Me could go.

So when she asked if I could share this podcast to my readers, it was a big ole “Duh!”

The name Business S.H.E.T. is literally an acronym for the foundation of business. S.H.E.T. means SOLVE a problem, HELP your customer/followers get passed their current stage, EARN respect, and build TRUST.

I share this all of the time with my own students. It’s the recipe for success, and ALL of those pieces must be in the pot. Not necessarily at the same time, but these are the ingredients.

I’ve already listened to the first two episodes, so I’ve got some nuggets to share…

5 Things I love about Business S.H.E.T. already

  1. Bite-sized Episodes – The episodes are short, about 15-20 minutes. They’re short enough to leave you wanting more, but long enough to get something out of it. It’s the perfect balance.

  2. Transparent Warning: there is swearing, but you know I love a good f-bomb, so I’m here for it. Mimi is sharing the journey of how Mimi G. Style came to be, along with the highs and lows of running her business. By the second episode, I was literally jumping out of my seat when she shared some experiences of her transition into Mimi G. Style full time. I had THE EXACT same experiences. I even sent her an email as I was listening with an excessive about of exclamations and capital letters expressing so. (I’m extra.)

  3. Setting Intentions – In the intro episode, she speaks about how in the beginning, she did not blog with intention (and that’s, okay), but when she started to move with intention, stuff started shifting and moving. She also shares a true hustle moment on how she got into Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crushing It. If that story doesn’t make you push past your fears and shoot your shot, nothing will!

  4. Open To Requests – She’s already opening up her podcast to take requests from listeners, so if you want to get advice from Mimi G. This is your time. You’ve got to check out Business S.H.E.T., to get the email address! Also, if you want to request that I’m a guest on the podcast, go ahead and let her know. Help ya girl out.

  5. Freebies – Who doesn’t love free stuff, especially stuff that helps you get clear on your visions? She’s offering a free PDF download (available in the podcast description) to help you plan your goals. Take advantage.

So, you know I’m here for all of this. I’ve been sharing the transparent journey of Style Style Sew. It’s not all cupcakes and rainbows. Business S.H.E.T. confirms this, too.

But, at the same time, she leaves you feeling like “I can do this.” And THAT is the key.

The whole vibe I’m getting is when you’re sitting down with you girl friend, with a cocktail or wine, and you’re talking about some real shit.

It’s my hope that when you listen to it, that you listen to it with an open mind, remove the pressure of perfection from yourself, be intentional, and do the damn work.

Just the first two episodes gave me fuel for my own fire. Nowadays in a curated type of world, I’m not interested in perfect, I’m interested in REAL. This podcast promises that and so much more.

I’m locked in and subscribed and so should you!

Hop on over the Business S.H.E.T. and tell her Eryn from Style Sew Me sent ya!

Listen to Business S.H.E.T.

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