OOTD DIY Blazer, Turtleneck Bodysuit, and Denim Casual Fall Look

What I’m WearingDIY Blazer – Nikki Pattern \ Turtleneck Bodysuit – Naked Wardrobe (old) \ Denim – NY & Company (old) \ Slides – Trunk Club

Today’s look is a completely new look with pieces I’ve had FOREVER, but never put in the same outfit.

Let me tell you…shopping your own closet is EVERYTHING. I’ve taken so much pressure off of myself to sew, I’m being more intentional with the things I do sew, and I’ve saved money by shopping for pieces to fill in the gaps much more intentionally.

I get the same satisfaction coming up with a completely new outfit without spending any money as I do shopping for or sewing new pieces.

So, I’m happy to make it easy on myself where I can!

I played with a bit more color to break up the blues in my denim pieces. I love how it all came together! It’s comfortable, pulled together, and very stylish at the same time!


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