OOTD DIY Denim Nikki Blazer and Graphic Tee

What I’m WearingDIY Blazer – Nikki Pattern \\ Graphic Tee – H&M \\ Denim: Banana Republic (old) \\ Shoes: Shoe Dazzle

Fun fact: I love cartoons.

Our daughter really lucked up with with being blessed with parents who love watching her cartoons. I’ll even admit I’ve convinced her to watch some cartoons that I wanted to watch instead of Frozen for the millionth time. lol

So, when I saw this tee at H&M, I snagged it up without hesitation. To “adult” up the outfit, I styled it with my Nikki Blazer pattern and my favorite denim that I’ve had forever.

I wrapped up the outfit with my favorite sneakers of the moment from Shoe Dazzle. They unzip on the sides so you don’t have to tie them! #lazyadulting

I’ve gone way too long without a blazer in my wardrobe, so expect to see more of these because I need a black one, as well!

What is your favorite way to “dress down” a blazer?


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