Oversized Sweater and Joggers OOTD

Hey there! I’ve been on a kick lately about maximizing my wardrobe since I have committed to not purchasing any clothing for the entire year.

So, that means I’ve been looking really hard at pieces I own and finding ways to maximize them into new outfits. Not only do my outfits need to be stylish, they absolutely need to be comfortable.

I’d been using an app on my phone to organize my wardrobe, which is super tedious. But, then I realized…duh! I have a whole entire blog that I can use to catalogue my many outfit combinations! So, I’ll be sharing more of my ready-to-wear looks on the blog.

Today’s look is one of my favorite sweaters from H&M and some joggers I purchased from The Height (closed) a couple of years ago.  They’re a bit short on me now, so I usually just wore them around the house.

Then, I realized I can make them look really stylish just by scrunching up the legs, just like you would a sleeve.

I paired them with my Nike Forces wedge sneakers and a few lightweight accessories and made a very stylish look.

I am looking forward to sharing more ready-to-wear looks and I hope that you find some fashion inspiration for what’s already in your closet.




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