Purge My Closet With Me + How to Find Your Personal Style

Hey there! Today, I’m cleaning out my closet and giving you insight on how to find your personal style, if that’s something you’ve been struggling with.I’m ashamed to say that I’ve amassed a decent collection of clothing that I rarely wear. Well, I decided that it was time for a huge purge to give myself the mental and physical space for a “Wardrobe reset” of sorts.If you’re anything like me, regardless if you sew or not, you may have made purchases or sewn pieces that you loved “the idea of”, but then came to realize that those pieces did not fit your lifestyle. If you’re deeply engrained into a community of makers and stylish people, it’s very easy to get caught into this.It happens so fast that you hardly see it coming…You see X blogger wearing this beautiful outfit and you say, “OMG, I loooooove that! I have to have it?”

But, why though?!

What is likely happening (that you’re unaware of) is that you’ve fallen in love with the idea of that piece or that look. You like how (she/insert whoever is not you) rocks it. But, you’ve forgotten one very important question…

“How will that piece fit into my wardrobe?”

The hardest part is answering the question “what is my personal style?”Well, today’s chat is all about how I realized that my closet was not serving me. I also take you through how I evaluate which pieces to get rid of, and how I take those lessons learned and apply to how I create and curate my pieces in the future.Check out the vlog below!Leave me a comment and let’s chat about this…

Do you have a closet full of pieces that aren’t serving you? Do you know what your personal style is?

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  • Hi Eryn,

    Thank you so much for this amazing video! It was like sitting down having a chat with a friend about our clothes and how they do say so much about us. It really made me think when you said "Edit visual influences to make space for what you really need." I’m putting that phrase on my memory board in my sewing room to remind me of what I should be focused on. Thank you for your honesty, especially regarding it being ok if our personal style is not "stylish" to others, it has to make us feel good about ourselves and it does not have to be filled with color, or it can be:) Inspiring video and I appreciate you sharing it with us.


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