How to Sew Lisa Pattern Pants View B

Hey there!

I whipped up a pair of the Lisa sweatpants yesterday (View B) and wanted to take a moment to share some info about these pants!

I’ve gotten a couple of questions about the difference in side seam of the front and back pieces of view B. Rest assured the pattern is correct!

What you’re seeing is that it’s drafted with a larger rise in the back for curvier bottoms. And when you stretch to sew the front to back at the side seams, the excess in the back will be distributed evenly and all will be well. Here’s a quick video showing how it sews.

It’s been a long time frustration of mine when sewing any kind of bottom from sewing patterns. I’d spend so much time making fitting adjustments to accommodate this wagon I’m dragging that I would lose my interest in the project after the 3rd muslin.

So, the Lisa loungewear and Chloe jeans patterns have been drafted for my cuties with the booties 😉

Anywho, I wanted another pair of lounging pants and thought I’d use up this textured ribbed knit in my stash. I believe I purchased this at Joann’s some time ago.

I made an XL straight from the pattern with no adjustments to show that it sews up nicely. I was able to cut and sew these pants in an hour for a quick and easy loungewear piece because I can never have enough casual wear!


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  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making patterns that accommodate a roundie bootie. It’s so tiresome trying to make pants/joggers patterns work for my shape and I end up giving up from frustration.

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