Remixed Vogue 9075: Oversized Sweater and DIY Wide Leg Pleated Pants

Sweater:  Banana Republic | Pants: Vogue 9075 Fabric: Cotton/Linen blend | Shoes: here

Wow! These pants have gotten so much love that I decided to make them again! My original posts were here and here.

Make It

Seriously, these are so easy to make by modifying this pattern. I only used the front and back pant pieces. I extended the length and added a waistband and zipper in the center back exactly how I did in this tutorial.As I’ve mentioned before, I was not a fan of this design when I first saw it. But, I’ve found love in these pants.

 Style It

I styled this look with this gorgeous oversized sweater from Banana Republic that I am just in lust with. They say it is a sweater dress, but I wouldn’t wear it as a dress being tall and all. You shorties can have this one!  I have definitely been enjoying playing with vibrant colors this fall, so you know I can’t wait for the spring to come around. My shoes are a repeat that you’ve seen a few times on the blog by Madden Girl. They’re still available on Amazon, so I’ve linked directly to them up top.To say I love this look is quite the understatement. I could literally live in this everyday. I love the fall/winter particularly because I love sweater weather.I hope that you ladies are loving this sweater weather just as much as I am!

Be blessed!

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