Sew Conscious: DIY Project in a Box

sew-conscious-2 sew-conscious-2

Hey there!

Today, I’m sharing with you a new company called Sew Conscious that I’ve partnered with for this post. This company has an amazing concept for the DIY fashionistas like us.

First, I will tell you that I am a subscription box junkie. I have had three hair product box subscriptions, and a couple of clothing rental subscription boxes and I just love the deals we get as customers. And Sew Conscious is confirming my love for subscriptions.

Sew Conscious is a subscription box that is more than a project-in-a-box. How many times has inspiration hit you to sew, but you look up and don’t have the right color thread, or you don’t have enough of the fabric you want to use, or maybe you need interfacing! It’s a real mood killer.

What’s even better is the Threads magazine that comes with it and a fitting dvd that works perfectly with the pattern I received.

So this is where Sew Conscious comes in. On their site, you choose between three types of boxes based on your personal style preference. I chose the Classic Chic box. This helps them determine what types of patterns and fabrics to send to you.

You do not choose the fabric of pattern you get, but this works great for may of us because we love to experiment with our style anyway. It’s why we sew! And honestly, it’s a bit exciting to anticipate what you’re going to get!

Then comes the box. This is where the magic happens. Check it.

sew-conscious-7 sew-conscious-7

You get allllll of these goodies in the box.

sew-conscious-11 sew-conscious-11 sew-conscious-6 sew-conscious-6

Here are a few more close ups of what came in the box:

sew-conscious-fabric sew-conscious-fabric

I received this purple fabric that works perfectly with the pattern that was chosen. My only critique is that I was not expecting a printed fabric when choosing the Classic Chic box. I was expecting a solid “classic” color like navy, black, or ivory. This fabric wouldn’t be something that I’d choose for myself, but it is a beautiful fabric nonetheless.

sew-conscious-4 sew-conscious-4 sew-conscious-5 sew-conscious-5

This is the shirt I made with my fabric. I chose View C of the Vogue 9024 pattern.  I was definitely happy with the pattern choice. This pattern is a classic style that would be perfect for the office or church.

sew-conscious-3 sew-conscious-3

Overall, I think Sew Conscious is a great breath of fresh air into the DIY community. We are often left behind when it comes to innovation. I think companies are still realizing that there is a whole new “generation” of sewers out there. The idea of a subscription service is convenient and provides a ton of value in the box that would cost twice as much when purchased alone.

Check them out to learn more and subscribe.

Let me know what you think of this post!

  • Hello my name is Bernadette Thomas and I am a sewcousious subscriber. I receive my box and I love the fabric for the skirt that I received, but the interfacing was missing.
    Love you guys

  • What a beautiful blouse! Sew Conscious is definitely a great idea….I have plenty of sewing ideas and projects every month that definitely keep me busy. I may try one to see what it is all about. A great idea to give as a gift to someone who has been away from sewing for awhile and needing a jump start back into it. Thanks for the info. I love your sewing tutorials too!

  • I’ve been seeing these boxes all over IG and they look like fun. I ain’t sold yet but I love the fabric you rec’d and the top is beautiful.